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TheSJA: Projects

TheSJA NPC subscribes to various projects aiming at Educational, Outreach & Partnering.

We are passionate about these and strive to improve everyone’s lives by creating a sustainable environment for all. To date, we have had various projects which are depicted below. Our challenge to you, is: how will you get involved?

Intra-Planetary Musings

A Series of Conversations on Liberation – Black Cosmos – Imagination

This series will explore liberatory connectedness, Blackness as cosmological philosophy, and Imaginative Intelligence. In this time together, we will dive into realms going beyond the conventional constructs of race, colonization and decolonization. We will explore and inquire into the questions:

What if the box of white body supremacy didn’t exist? How would we move?
What if the boxes we, as black bodies, are navigating within didn’t exist?
Who would we be?
What would we create?
What could reality look like?

During these three days we will explore Blackness from a place of principle, philosophy and cosmology not just nationality or pigmentation.


We invite you to join us for one, two or all three days of this experimental journey.

Sliding Scale Tuition (scholarships are available) ​
Per Day: $150 – $350 USD
All Three Days: $375 – $800 USD

Registration open until June 1

These offerings are being offered online held over Zoom. Recordings will be made available for viewing for two weeks following the event.

A Course on the Imaginal:

Cultivating the Visionary Self

with Alixa Garcia

The visionary inside each of us desires cultivation, attention, and permission so we may help bring forth visions already brimming behind the cracks of a breaking world. How do we fall without falling apart? How do we awaken the Imaginal within?

“Behind the ethnographic journey towards wonder
a new cosmology cracks into existence
leaving behind the reductionist
the easy arrival
the answer “worth” giving.
The death of our illusions leaves us imaginal.” ​
– Alixa Garcia @alixagarcia_

This course will explore and exercise our creative muscle to strengthen our visionary selves. When we encounter and encourage the wild dance of the artist within, the imaginary self becomes part of the visionary collective needed for these times. This journey is an extended interactive experience into the Imaginal, a place where the breaking becomes the opening. When we create with intention, our creations become the invocation, and the space inside and between us becomes the sanctuary. During this course, we will work with our bodies through what Alixa García calls Creativity Infused Somatic Practices that center the Earth and bring into focus our cosmic existence. We will sit with grief as ceremony and explore trauma as the doorway. We will coax the artist within, centralizing art and creative writing as political and spiritual practices. We will exercise and engage our intuitive body so we may readily access intuition and come to trust it. We will visit ancestral, present, and future selves and explore the use of wonder and enchantment during times of breakage. We will centralize creativity as the means by which we commune with the inner self and the more-than-human realms.

September – December 2023 ​
Sessions on Saturdays & Sundays

Sliding Scale Tuition: $1,200-$3,000 ​
50% of all tuition will go to support our sisters and brothers who are protecting the Amazon Rainforest

Scholarships Available

Scholarship Application Deadline is September 1st
Registration Open Until September 6th ​

Other Projects